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Transforming Access to Education Opportunities

We work with Educational Institutions- Universities, Colleges, Assessment companies, Schools and Skill development organisations - to enhance and strengthen their engagement with youth and other stakeholders, so as to achieve objectives of reach and reputation. Our endeavour is to enable Educational Institutions to leverage technology in ways that can truly transform how opportunities for education and learning can be accessed and how it can be delivered across geographical and resource boundaries. Our solutions make it possible for Institutions to meet goals of visibility, applicant numbers, resource effectiveness and enrolments reliably and cost effectively.

By strengthening visibility and access we enable stronger participation of youth in Education opportunities.


Among top 100,000
Global websites

Formistry is among the global top 100,000 sites in terms of traffic. A preferred Application Management Solution for many in the sector.

More than 100
forms deployed

Forms for different program levels - Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral and Executive programs across the country.

Rich Education-centric

University, College, Streams, Disciplines, Subjects, Boards, States, Cities datasets  embedded in the forms.


Create an Inspiring digital presence

We can help you design, build and manage your website so your communications are updated and current at all times.

Strengthen Visibility

Strengthen Visibility

We provide you Ed centric tools like locators, enquiry forms and powerful SEO and Social media links to strengthen visibility.

Connect with Education Leaders

Connect with Education Leaders 

We make it simple and easy to connect with Education leaders through our easy to deploy Education focussed recruitment solution.

Manage Candidate Applications

Manage Candidate Applications

Formistry - our Online Application Solution makes the candidate application process simple for the candidate and reliable for the Administrator.

Engage with Applicants

Reminders about critical milestones or promoting your Institute is made easy through the email tool and chatbots we deploy for you.

Manage Enrolments

Whether filtering or shortlisting candidates, managing interviews or ensuring a seamless enrolment process -our solution is your support.


  • learn how our solutions can help you achieve greater diversity in applications

    A well reputed Management School looking to enhance the quality of interactions within the classroom decided to bring diversity within the class in terms of gender, discipline and experience levels. Formistry dashboard which provides real time applicant analytics was used to define and continuously craft marketing, promotion and communication strategies and activities to achieve this goal.

  • learn how you can achieve productivity and reliability in your processes

    Formistry has been used by Clients to make the entire application to selection to enrolment process seamless for the Applicant. This has been possible with integration of Formistry with Test providers-like Pearson and Mettl, Campus Solution & ERP providers and others to make the entire process monitor-able and measure-able.



From a Candidate Perspective


Single Sign on through the process

There are many stages from the  application to admission process; for the candidate the ability to engage on a single platform through all the stages is important as it removes the stress of managing access on multiple platforms to keep updated on where he stands in the process.

Mobile Access

Almost 33% of applicants are accessing the form and filling in details while on the go and this number is increasing with time. It is therefore important to have the form mobile ready. This is also true of the Administrator who seeks the flexibility to monitor application process while on the go.

Social Media Access

Given the wide disparity in device and internet access across the world, the ability to access forms across browsers,even at a lower version browser, without dilution of user experience is important. Access and linking of  social media platforms is also valued.

High Performance - Fast to Load Fast to Fill

Candidates exploring education opportunities have to sift and review large amounts of information to help them in the process. They look for simple and error free application filling process - form structure, data drop downs, validations, in field error trapping, auto save all helps to achieve this.

From an Education Leader and Administrator Perspective

Information in Real time

The application process from receipt of applications, to managing logistics around test centres or interviews or managing selection, the Administrator looks for reliable data in real time to ensure that the process is managed effectively.

Process Support

Admissions season is often a stressful time for Administrators who have to manage applicant requirements and Campus standards effectively. The process is to run reliably, accurately and time effectively. Technology that supports the processes and minimises risk of glitches and delays is greatly valued.

Ease of integration with different applications

There are many different processes that go into running admissions effectively. Be it generating leads at the beginning of the application cycle or transition of applicant data into a Campus ERP, Administrators look for best in class systems that can integrate with other best in class systems that meet specific needs.

Data confidentiality

Data confidentiality

A challenge often faced by Administrators is not just about managing the  voluminous application data within defined time frames but also ensuring that data is maintained in conformity with data confidentiality and privacy norms. Increasing Administrators are looking for solutions that offer assurance on data privacy. TrustE is one such privacy certification.


Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation 

GreenClouds Solutions are designed keeping in mind customer requirements, convenience and ease of use. Our solutions are architected such that the axis of control shifts to Clients making them better equipped to achieve their goals.

Education Sector Focus

Education Sector Focus

A rich Education centric database - University, College, Streams, Disciplines, Subjects, Boards, States, Cities - and Education centric applications like MapApp- location finder, Hiregraf-recruitment solution differentiates Greenclouds.


We are continuously working on technology upgradation, improving technology stack, enhancing product features and functionalities and introducing new products that will be of value to users in the Education sector.


Performance and Reliability

Front end and back end architecture, server configuration, redundancy strategies, page load speed all goes towards improving performance and reliability of the solutions we deploy for you.

Performance and Reliability


Reliable and Strees free

Reliable and Stress free

"Applications, Referrals and Eligibility check was all conducted online with reliability and ease; a stress free experience. The dashboard provided us real time information that was valuable in finalising our admission processes. The service was backed by excellent back-end support in real time and all the time"

Flawless Delivery-2

Flawless delivery

"For the last three years, thanks to the excellent service provided by Greenclouds, we have reached the goal of becoming both flawless and paperless in conducting admissions. Our online application facility has worked without glitches since the beginning"