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WizcheQ wins the m-Billionth Award for m-inclusion

“Mobilegeddon” is here- is it now time for “Access-geddon”?

In the internet and mobile world, April 21st 2015 will be remembered as the day when Google announced mobile readiness as a factor in its new ranking algorithm and thus launched what is now termed as “Mobilegeddon”

A Google report states that over 11% of search results will be impacted with the launch of Mobilegeddon.

There is a flurry of activity in the business world to ensure that websites are made responsive –i.e. mobile ready, and thus Google ranking friendly.

In an age where mobile is, the pre dominant way of communication amongst almost 2/3 of the global population and with growing smart phone penetration, will become the way most folks access the internet, it is not surprising that “Mobilegeddon” has assumed such critical importance.

Is it now time for Google to announce “ Access –Geddon” – a ranking algorithm that rewards accessibility compliant websites?

Websites and Applications that are not designed with web accessibility in mind create barriers for those with disabilities and exclude them from effectively accessing web content.

There are more than 1.1 billion persons with disabilities (PWDs) globally; almost the size of the population of India. And if you add family and friends and caregivers of PWDs, you are talking about 1.9 billion people world - wide who are directly or indirectly impacted by websites that are not accessibility compliant.

A sample survey conducted by us of organisations web presence reveals that a vast majority of the accessibility obstacles on the web are the result of ignorance, oversight or negligence, rather than technological limitations, and are therefore easy to address.

We believe that an announcement by Google of“ Access- Geddon” may push organisations towards adopting web site accessibility as an integral part of web strategy and presence and may thus contribute towards promoting a truly inclusive society.

April 2015