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Setting up your Online Application form

Remember your target audience is net savvy and is familiar with internet and mobile and thrives on this medium. Use this strength to leverage your reach and to manage your processes reliably and effectively. Here are a few aspects you should keep in mind when you take your forms online:

For the Applicant:

Ensure that all data relevant to your admission decision making process is captured in the form

Use field labels that are easy to understand.

Ensure that your instructions for filling in the form are simple and easy to understand. And keep it short!!

Where possible have the option of help in the local language

In order to ensure convenience for candidates

  • Enable the student to fill in the form in multiple sittings without losing data that was earlier filled – a simple auto save feature facilitates this
  • Provide for document uploads and alert the student when they make errors in uploading documents
  • Enable online payment of application and admission fees
  • Make the form mobile friendly.

To support accuracy in form filling provide for

  • In field data validation e.g where numbers are to be filled it should not allow input of letters
  • Drop down datasets and lists

Provide for alerts and communications to students on critical milestones during the application process including

  • Acknowledgement of a student registration
  • Reminders on critical dates during the application process
  • Acknowledgment of payments received
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of form
  • Intimation on Results and other steps in the admission process.

For the Administrator

Monitor and Manage applications in real time and enable effective data based decisions

Make it possible to view the applications received in real time so decisions can be taken timely on real data

  • Sift, sort and filter applications on various criteria
  • Send reminders and communications like admit cards
  • Manage logistics like test centres etc based on real data about applications received and preferred locations for students
  • Report accurately and reliably

At the Backend

  • Ensure scalability – so the form can be filled in concurrently by many students. Typically application loads are felt at the start of and on the last two dates of the application receipt. The system should have the ability to handle these loads without drop in performance
  • Ensure redundancy so there is no system downtime during the critical application process

Wish you success in taking your forms online!