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A tool to Design Web Presence and services to host a High Performance Website

Create websites that are Fast loading, Standards Compliant, Responsive and Accessible


Ease, Productivity and Control

Design and Manage your website with little or no technical help. Role based access rights allows effective management of your web communications.

Grid Based  Design Enablers

A grid structure facilitates aesthetic design, using elements symmetry and standardisation to aid the development of visually appealing web pages. Helps enhance Layout, Design and Aesthetics

Template Based Components

Designed for the Education sector - Enquiry Form, Locator, Search, Faculty Lists, Gallery, Notice Boards - all that educational Institutions require to ensure access and extend reach.

Accessibility Checks Built In

Makes web accessibility an integral part of web design strategy, planning and development. Ensures that technology barriers to communication are minimised. Aids in making the website available.

SEO enablers- title description, key words, meta tags

Add titles, descriptions and keywords to your website’s settings in order to improve its visibility to search engines. Manage your digital presence and visibility effectively.


Creates websites that are responsive; content automatically adjusts to the device and enables perfect viewing without the hassle of having to zoom in and out. One url for mobile and website design makes it more search friendly and thus enables wider reach.

Google tagging and Social Media tagging

The tool makes social tagging and google tagging easy and also helps to create social bar to link with other social media assets. The easy integration with your social media assets ensures consistency in messaging

WizcheQ wins the m-Billionth Award for m-inclusion